Coventry was the centre of a ribbon weaving industry production in England; with the city’s Herbert Art Gallery holding the finest collection of woven silk pictures and bookmarks in the country. As part of the museum's first major digitization; in 2006 5,000 objects were selected from their ribbon collections.
Throughout the working duration of the project Juga provided guidance with: working within the Minerva Working Group and SEPIA Guidelines; effective solution for the exchange and recording between the museums archive management software and the digital asset management software; mapping of Dublin Core to IPTC inline with DISC Metadata for Digital Image Submission Specification; effective naming, storage and safeguarding of digital assets.
Two physical identifiers were captured with each object image, the museum object identifier and Kodak Q-13 based custom colour target which is stored with the collection. Periodically a reference IT8.71 target was captured to maintain a record of the device performance and to create a unique device colour profile; which was used in the conversion of the raw data to master file format in the required Adobe RGB colour space and 1.2k sRGB surrogate images.

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