Juga Singh is an expert in digital imaging & graphic design with over two decades of experience in all aspects of the creative process from concept to audience delivery.
Juga's focus has been on intercultural exchange within the arts and heritage sector. The appreciation and significance of his work has led to it being presented to several world leaders in recent years. This includes to then Vice President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister David Cameron and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Additionally in developing the brand image of a world class collection, he'd designed two central London major exhibitions in 2011 and 2014 which remain among the Brunei Gallery’s most visited shows.
His groundbreaking work includes leading the design for a bi-lingual newspaper, specialist publishers and collections. He is known amongst clients and partners for his ability to deliver complex projects across disciplines in: Still life photography and reprographics; book and exhibition design; as well as information graphics and digital experiences.
Juga's continual commitment is to create experiences that are valued by audiences and elevate a brand's reputation. To find out more you can read the FAQs below, view examples of completed work or to discuss your brief contact Juga. 

What is Juga Singh’s design philosophy?
I have relied on a few core principles which are: enjoy and continually develop my craft; design for an audience; and create visuals that influence and build a client's reputation.

Who are your role models?
Role models not so much, but authored works have inspired my aesthetics: ‘Spirit Born People’ by Prof. Puran Singh, ‘There Are No Secrets’ by Peter Brook, ‘Book of Tea’ by Okakura Kakuzō and ‘In Praise of Shadows’ by Jun'ichirō Tanizaki.

How about trends and technology?
A trend may become tomorrow's classic, but my primary focus is to create enduring client work today. From the opening of the design practise, the focus has been to harness technology to bring quality, acuity and value to a client.

What if we’re in different regions or countries?
Generally all communication is conducted remotely via phone, Skype and email; within a mutually serviceable time. Files and material specs are based on international standards and recommended suppliers have representatives globally.

How can I get the most from you?
Be open to conveying your goal, current position and the resources available.
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