An independent work completed in late 2002 of a sunburst chart displaying arms and armour from the north-west Indian subcontinent, reproduced as line art. The aim was to show the diversity of pre-industrial weaponry from the region.
The piece was consulted with Nidar Singh Nihang (a specialist of traditional North Indian martial science) and Toshkhana (dealers in arms, armour, arts & literature of the Sikhs and the Punjab) who provided access to original pieces and reference material. The core reference material was ‘Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour’ by Lord Egerton of Tatton (1880) and ‘A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration, and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times’ by George Cameron Stone (1934).
The poster was given to the armourer David Edge at the Wallace Collection, with a derivative work was prepared and given out as part of the Wallace Collection study day ‘Steel and Gold: Indian Swords and Daggers in the Wallace Collection’ in 2004. The chart was presented to the late Bruce Lee’s training partner and martial arts historian Dan Inosanto who relayed he was unaware of the diversity of arms and armour from the region.

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