Concept proposal, creative direction and reprographics for an art print series. The aim, to bridge, cultivate and expand the audience engagement with an unfamiliar private collection and its related artworks. The first series was delivered under the UK Punjab Heritage Association's social media platform and subsequently under their publishing wing.
The reproduced illustrations were from Juga's photography of the collection, his exhibition graphics or book design. To maximise cost-to-sale, storage and accessibility, the size was centred on A3 format with supporting prints in A2. To minimize production cost the print title, collection name and distributor details were placed unobtrusively on the bottom edge of prints. 
Additionally Juga provided cost effective storage solutions, management of prints and details of a low-margin European offset bulk printing. The print series was further supported with: three pdf guides on framing, storage and display; art direction on the physical display, framing and the production of marketing imagery.
The first series was launched to coincide with the 2011 exhibition at the Brunei Gallery, London — providing proportional sales with book and symposium ticket purchases.  The success led to its subsequent expansion of prints becoming a key revenue component for the charity at their major central London exhibitions in 2011, 2014 and 2018 which also featured the collection.
The tie-in with exhibition and/or books, contextualized the critical importance of the objects reproduced; with three quarters of prints from the Toor Collection [13/18]. Creating familiarity and acceptance with the art displayed within homes; mooring the symbolic value and the positive brand image of the collection and host organisations.

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